Young Star Agility


Mercedes-Benz Financial core promise is providing you with the best value and care you can't get from other banks.

Value and care you'll enjoy
  • Lower monthly instalments
  • Guaranteed future value of your Mercedes-Benz
  • Flexible end of agreement options
  • Option to drive a Mercedes Benz more often
  • MobilityPlus (replacement car programme)
How does Young Star Agility work?


Select your Mercedes-Benz model and determine your downpayment.


Decide the term of your agreement as well as your annual mileage.


Enjoy your journey with your Mercedes-Benz. At the end of your agreement, you have 3 options to choose.

End of agreement options

1. Keep the car

Pay the remaining residual value and take full ownership of the car.

2. Refinance

Extend your agreement by refinancing the residual value.

3. Return the car

Hand back the car with no further obligations.

Young Star Agility FAQS

Just pay RM1.20 per kilometer exceeded.
You may return your car to the dealership. Terms and conditions is subject to the fair wear & tear guide.
  • Direct debit
  • Jompay
  • ATM
  • CDM
The Guaranteed Future Value is the residual value of the loan. If your car's market value is lower at the end of the agreement you can profit from the security of GFV.
Your GFV won't be affected if you have your car repaired at our workshops. In case you want to return your car at the end of the agreement it still needs to pass a final check based on return conditions.
Yes, you can settle your loan early. Just pay the outstanding loan for the months remaining and your Guaranteed Future Value. If you wish to surrender your car early, we will assist to sell your car based on its market value. There will be a charged fee of RM50 due to agreement breach.
All applications will be given prompt attention and an indicative approval will be granted within two working days or less if criteria are met.
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